IOS, with a management team boasting over 20 years of experience in OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) and drillpipe inspection, has established an outstanding custom-built facility.

Located just four miles from Peterhead Port, IOS operates a 55-acre site dedicated to storing oilfield equipment and conducting fully automated inspections for casing, tubing, and drillpipe.

Our comprehensive services include storage, handling, inspection, refurbishment, and efficient management of oilfield equipment and tubulars. At IOS, we pride ourselves on offering a convenient one-stop shop service for our valued customers.


The IOS facility is conveniently located just four miles from the quayside at Peterhead, making it easily accessible.

Given the limited industrial storage options in Aberdeen and Peterhead, the IOS facility was established to offer a cost-efficient alternative. Established in 2014, this facility spans 55 acres of hard-standing storage area, situated near a major oil and gas port.

Peterhead Port, a sheltered deep-water port with over 3 kilometers of berthing, has been serving the oil and gas industry for more than 35 years. Thanks to excellent road connections directly from the port to the site, IOS provides a carbon-positive solution.


IOS provides a fully automated facility for cleaning, blasting, and inspection, equipped with an environmentally friendly closed-loop filtration system. The design of the facility prioritizes both safety and environmental considerations.

IOS is equipped with facilities for the inspection, refurbishment, and repair of drill pipes, casings, and tubing.

The use of hydraulic control to convey and roll all tubulars through various inspection processes minimizes handling and ensures a safer inspection procedure.

Our specially designed wastewater system ensures that the cleaning of tubulars is carried out in a way that minimizes impact on the local environment. This is part of our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Tubular and Drillpipe Handling Facilities:

Our facilities incorporate a “Magic Eye” computer-controlled conveyor system and a hydraulic roller and kick-off system for efficient handling.

Tubular Surface Treatment Facilities:

Our Shot Blast facilities are capable of handling tubulars from 2 7/8″ to 13 3/8″ OD full length to SA-2 finish. These facilities include a fully automated hydraulic conveyor system and an external dust extraction and handling system to improve the internal working environment.

Our Water Blast facilities can handle tubulars from 2 7/8″ to 20″ OD with a full internal water blast. These facilities are equipped with a fully automated hydraulic conveyor system and a 10,000 psi Hemmelman high-pressure

Internal/External Coatings Applications:

We offer applications for both internal and external coatings.

Subsea Wellhead and Tree Cleaning Facility:

Our facility includes a dedicated bunded area specifically constructed for high-pressure cleaning of wellheads, trees, and other large oilfield equipment. There is no requirement for unloading from the trailer unit, and the cleaning area is fully bunded for zero water egress.

Environmental Features:

Our facility is designed with environmental responsibility in mind. Water blast areas are fully bunded for zero water egress. All water is recycled through a wastewater filtration system, and the filtered water is reused. Waste materials are responsibly disposed of via an external environmental contractor.


The IOS team boasts a collective experience of over a century in casing and drillpipe inspection

This extensive experience in the field enables IOS to provide top-notch services within stringent deadlines.

With a combined experience of over 100 years, the IOS team is highly skilled in casing and drillpipe inspection.