IOS offers a full inspection and refurbishment service for both new and used casing and tubulars. Their services adhere to API standards or customer specifications.

Casing and Tubular Inspection:

  • Available at IOS Pipeyard or clients’ onshore/offshore facilities.
  • Services include visual thread inspection, full-length API drift testing, EMI inspection, pipe body inspection, and full-length laser tally.
  • Highly qualified staff inspect all sizes, weights, and grades of tubulars.

Rig Return Inspection (Onshore):

  • Overseeing material offloaded from vessels.
  • Checking quantities against manifests upon receipt.
  • Unbundling material and arranging it on inspection racks.
  • Carrying out returns inspection workscope.
  • Returning material to storage bays for future use.
  • Quarantining unfit material.
  • Recording all material movements for easy reconciliation.